I'm Alena. I'm 19 and I fangirl a lot. That's about it. Ok.

Fill In These Things About You
name: Alena
Birthday: march 16th
Height: 5’8
Eye color: green
A random fact about you: I have a fear of feet.
Favorite band: I don’t have a favorite.
Favorite song: right now it’s Top of the World - Dixie Chicks
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite season: fall
Favorite animal: cats
Favorite movie: I can’t think of one. I don’t watch movies that often.
Anything you need to work on?: I need to stop bottling up all of my emotions.
Who ended your last relationship?: I’ve never been in a relationship.
Are you friends with your ex?: don’t have an ex
Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: TALLER
Dark hair or light hair?: depends on the person. usually dark though.
Smart or attractive?: Both please.
Is creativity attractive?: yes
Do you care how much money they have?: no
Your last text: “what is it?”
Last one i received: it was a screenshot
The last thing you ate: a marshmallow egg
The last thing you drank: water
The last song you listened to: dear no one - tori kelly
The last book you read: allegiant
A random childhood memory: i got a black eye because my brother hit me in the face with a toy light saber
Your favorite color to wear: purple

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my friend talking about mumford & sons (via howidiotic)

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dude just wait until the banjo drops
2 hours ago


if i ever get married i am gonna be too embarrassed to kiss my husband in front of everyone, especially my parents, so we will probably just high five or something

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